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Reasons for Using Titanium in Dental Implants

Most people use dental implants to replace their missing teeth. Dental crowns are one of the dental implants that cover the missing tooth. The lower part of them is fixed or anchored into the jaw bone. This root form is generally made of Titanium. Here are some reasons why Titanium is used in dental implants.

  • It is a light-weight material.
  • As it is inert, it does not react with any other chemical.
  • It is also used because of its bio-compatibility. The process of osseo-integration, integration of bone with implants, is made easy with Titanium. This is because the material can combine with the bone easily, leading to efficient bonding and connection.
  • Titanium provides much strength to the teeth than any other materials. The material has high toughness and can bear high strain. It can withstand great forces exerted in various directions during eating.
  • Because of its high strength, it can resist fractures or any damage. Hence it is more durable.
  • As it is a corrosion resistant material, it can withstand attacks of acids, Chlorine and Fluorine. Hence it is not damaged by composition of food and water.

These features of Titanium make it more efficient for use in dental implants. Titanium alloys are also used in mini dental implants.

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