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Different Ideas for Your Civil Wedding Ceremony

You can be creative though you choose a simple civil wedding, to make this special and memorable day in your life. Sometimes, these civil wedding ceremonies can be felt more informal or less serious while compared to the church wedding.

Civil ceremony wedding is considered as the non religious marriage. There is a certain criteria, which is applied to the physical wedding venues, including, they must have roof, they have to get license from local registrar. Couple need to give the notice of their marriage before minimum of 15 days. They also should hand over a legal document, in which name, occupation, address should be mentioned. This type of marriages became popular now a days. Couple can save money by this type of ceremony. However you need to decide how to make your wedding unique and memorable. There are some ideas for your civil wedding ceremony, such as:

You can personalize your wedding by choosing a theme. If you choose any theme then apply it in everything, right from the invitations to the bride’s and groom’s clothes and wedding venue decorations. Using a theme gives the event certain unique personality.

Special readings: You can writer your own wedding vows. Include poems, prose or songs, which are related to couple. You can also use some personalized readings for your marriage.

Add music: You can ask for specific music to play at the time of your wedding ceremony. It will change the mood.

These are ideas, which can be used for your civil wedding ceremony in order to make your wedding unique and memorable.

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