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How to Maintain Good Relations with Nannies?

When you want to hire a nanny for taking care of your child, you will check for many issues. You expect some sort of things from a nanny regarding the child care. Similarly, a nanny also expects some services from you. It is therefore important to maintain a good relation with your nanny.

A clear stated written agreement has to be made at the initiation of the contract. This is helpful for both the family and nanny. Understand the terms and conditions of the contract properly avoiding any disputes in the future.

The most important things that help you have a good relationship with a nanny is communication. Provide your nanny with all the required information about your child. Make her aware of the habits and skills of your child. Ensure that she is able to contact you in case of any advice or emergency situations. Tell about any changes in the agreement in advance. For example, when you plan for a vacation, or change the working hours, and so on, you need to mention your nanny about it in advance.

A regular parent-nanny conference should be held from beginning once in a week. This can help you know about the development of your child. You can also understand if your nanny is facing any problem. Reward and encourage them when you are pleased with their performance. It enhance your nanny’s satisfaction. Thus, a better open communication between a parent and a nanny enables a better child care.

It is necessary for you build trust in your nanny. Do not treat her like a maid and ensure that you respect her. It is also important to consider honesty and integrity issues to maintain a good relation. You should keep in mind that nannies are your employees and you should pay their salary on time. You should offer leaves and vacation when required, to ensure that you take care of her.

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