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How to Make Five Spice Roast Chicken – The Chinese Style

Chicken is the hot favorite among the non-vegetarians. There are various styles of cooking chicken across various countries in the world. Many of the regions have a traditional way of cooking chicken. Most of the cooking practices are passed as a tradition by the older generation to the new generations. Many of the modern chefs too have come up with varied styles of cooking, giving unique taste to every dish. Chinese are very famous for their traditional way of cooking practices. They are found to be experts in cooking many of the tastier non-vegetarian delicacies. Cooking chicken using spices in a Chinese style makes it amazingly tastier than any other dishes. Chinese are famous for their spice blends they use while cooking. One of the important Spice mixture used by Chinese is five spices mixture. This mixture is found to give a distinct spicy flavor to the chicken delicacy.

It would be interesting to know how to make this Chinese five spice roast chicken.

4 to 5 lbs of Chicken
½ can Beer
2 tbsp garlic salt
2-3 tbs Honey
1 ½ tbsp five spice powder (star anise, cloves, sichuan pepper, cinnamon and fennel seeds)
1 tbsp rock salt

Totally dip the chicken in water, add beer and rock salt and let it marinate for 8 hours. Then remove the chicken and rub with five spice powder and garlic salt. Leave it for 4 hours. Then rub the chicken with honey and roast it in oven with a temperature of 375 degrees for 1 hour. After first half an hour, rub the chicken again with honey. After the complete roasting cut in to pieces and serve.

The above is the procedure for making a chines five spice roast chicken. This dish is crispy outside but soft and smooth inside.

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