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What are Included in Employee Background Checks?

It has become common for conducting employee background checks by employers. They have to be conducted in a professional and systematic way. Employee background checks can consume lot of time. So employers request certain investigation agencies to conduct the checks for them. Many investigators are involved in conducting employee background checks for various purposes.

Employee background checks may include a wide range of verifications and these are based on the concerns and needs of the employer. They may also vary based on the job position of the employee. Criminal background checks; education, employment, and license verifications; credit report checks; and employment drug screening are generally included in employee background checks of most organizations.

Criminal Background Checks:
Any criminal offenses of an employee can risk the safety of fellow employees and also the organization. So it is necessary to check the criminal records of an employee. State, federal, and county criminal records are checked in this process.

Verification of Education, Employment, and License:
Educational qualifications of an employee are verified from schools and universities. Job details including the job position, skills, and experience in the previous employment of a person are also verified as a part of employee background checks. Certain departments like transportation departments look for verification of proper driving license of an individual.

Credit Report Checks:
Credit report checks are conducted to know the public record information including liens, judgments, bankruptcies, and others. Social security number of employees are also checked. They help in getting the accurate details of the full name and residential address of an individual.

Employment Drug Screening:
Drug abuse among employees is a serious concern for employers. Increase in health insurance costs, absenteeism, accidents or injuries, less productivity and others are some of the problems associated with drug abuse. In order to reduce these problems, employment drug screening is conducted for checking abuse of different illegal drugs.

These are most common checks and verifications included in employee background checks. They are helpful for efficient running of the organization.

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