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Decorating Home With Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are made up of clay shape with or without glassy coating or ceramic glaze. Kitchen and bathroom are the most common areas to find ceramic tile. It is also laid on walls, because of its beauty and stylish features. Now-a-days, these tiles are becoming famous and are used in crafts, wall, and tile murals, and for pools and surfacing. There are many ceramic tiles in terms of styles.

Types of ceramic tiles:

Ceramic tiles are of two types unglazed (UGL) and glazed (GL).

  • Glazed tiles generally have variety of decorative styles, patterns or hand-painted designs, and are obtained in high-gloss, flat or abrasive slip-resistant finishes. Until the finish is not slippery, they are ideal for walls and floors.
  • Mosaic tiles falls under unglazed tiles and are fabricated from different types of clay and includes different colors on the surface. Mosaic tiles can be applied to any surface, as it has moisture resistant properties, and moreover they are stain-proof and also not broken easily.
  • Quarry tile falls under unglazed tiles and are fabricated from mixture of clays. These tiles are usually deep red in color and are unglazed. They are widely used for interior floors, as they are porous and irregular in shape.

Benefits of ceramic tiles:
Ceramic tiles are mostly used in public or residential space, indoors or outdoors due to their excellent durability and visual beauty. Following are the benefits of ceramic tiles:

  • Their surfaces have more longer life (durability) when compared with most of the other materials employed for floor and wall covering
  • They are fire resistant and do not burn, emit smoke or toxic fumes.
  • These tiles are moisture resistant and if they are properly installed and grouted (binded), they will be an excellent choice for flooring in wet areas.
  • As these tiles have resistance to abrasion, they are easily installed in commercial locations and residential sites.
  • They are slip resistant and in order to prevent slipping, rough grit (dust particles) is added to the glaze or adding consistency to surface like ribs, studs, and orange-peel finish.
  • They are stain resistant and also maintenance can be done easily. One can sweep, vacuum, and wash ceramic tiles regularly with water.
  • They have high chemical resistance.
  • These tiles do not get faded even if they are directly exposed to sunlight.
  • As ceramic tiles are easy to clean and hygienic, they are suggested for use in places where high sanitary standards must be maintained.

Tips for maintenance of ceramic tiles:

  • Dirt will get fixed to the surface of tile, especially with styles of textured surface. Regular sweeping will remove most of the dirt. Vacuum cleaners help in collecting dirt, which is present along edges or in between tiles.
  • Walk-off mats must be used compulsorily to reduce and collect dirt being followed in at entryways. And shake them frequently to reduce the amount of dirt collected across the tile, which in turn reduces the damage or abrasion to the finished surface.
  • Ceramic tile floors must be damp-mopped regularly with manufacturer’s recommended grout and tile cleaners.
  • Textured tiles may need gentle scrubbing using a soft brush or electric polisher or scrubber. After this, rinse or clean completely with clean, warm water in order to remove any excess residue. Then wipe dry with a clean towel to exclude any film if required.
  • Never use steel wool, cleansing (sand) powders, or other abrasives that can damage the finish of the tile. Do not use bleach or ammonia based cleaners, because these products can discolor grout (binding material) if used frequently.
  • Spills (drops) must be cleaned as quickly as possible before the grout or tile becomes stained.
  • These tiles can be destructible and may crack or chip when extreme force is applied. So, proper precautions must be taken when shifting heavy objects across tile floor. Furniture and table legs must be covered with protectors to avoid damage to tiles.

Installing ceramic tiles is one of the best ways to elevate the feel and overall look of home. Apart from providing a fresh and clean look, they are also available in a variety of colors and designs to glorify home.

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