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Technology Advancement in Dental Implants

There has been a lot of advancements in dentistry. Many modern dental implant technologies brought a revolution in the procedures of tooth replacement. Some of the advancements include improvement in coating technology; three-dimensional scanning systems; and advances in shape and thread designs of implants.

With improvement in coating technologies, it has become easy for dental implants to assimilate with the jawbone. This helps in enhancing stability and durability. A new synthetic bone material is used to coat dental implants. There has been an advance of new technology called cone beam volumetric technology which is used in 3D dental scans. This scanning results in high quality image. It gives a clear view to decide the position of dental implants. Less radiation is used by dental 3D scans when compared to other radiation exams.

The stability of an implant depends on the implant thread design. Modern dental thread implant technology is being used by many dentists. Primary contact and enhanced stability are the main advantages of it. It also helps in providing increased surface area of the implant. Bone loss can be minimized by this technology. Another area of development in dentistry includes screw less dental implants. It helps in offering a clipping mechanism to bond the abutment and the material of the crown.

Research is also being done to get improved dental implants. The advancements which took place till now helped in enhancing the flexibility of the procedure. Natural looking, stable, and durable dental implants are provided by them. A new technology of using stem cells for growing a dental implant is being developed.

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