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Suffering From Pet Allergies? Air Purifiers Can Solve The Problem

The people who are using the air purifiers are less exposed to infections than the people with out air purifiers in their houses. An air purifier can eliminate air borne particles, odors, fumes and other particles that can cause allergies and asthma. One of the reason for the existence of pollutants in the air may be the pet dander. Some people even though suffering from the allergies, can’t leave their pets alone. For such people, air purifier is the best solution. The severity of the allergy depends on the type of pet, quantity and how much space in the house the pets are allowed to roam, etc.

The common animal responsible for pet allergies is the cat. Cat’s saliva which contains an allergen gets deposited all over the fur when the cat licks herself and when it dries, the saliva forms a fine dust like dandruff, which spreads through the air causing allergies. Some times people affected with cat allergy may also experience symptoms like itching eyes, running noses, skin rashes, etc. Other reason for pet allergies are birds whose feathers are interlocked and each time a bird moves, leaves a super fine dust. Cockatoos and cockatiels seem to contain more dust because they are desert birds. Bird urine and feces can also contain allergens and on drying they become airborne. Dogs also causes allergies as they lick themselves, resulting in spread of saliva, which on drying becomes air borne.

The HEPA purifiers are the best solution for the pet allergies as they clean the pollutants like dried saliva and urine, as well as fur and skin particles present in the air up to the size of 0.03 microns. So an air purifier very essential for humans living with pets, as it removes the air borne particles and protects the pet lovers from the allergies and asthma.

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