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How to Build a Green Fishing Light

Among all the fishing lights, green fishing light is found to be more effective. As it is found that, green light penetrates more on being submersed in water. And even the photo receptors in fishes are found sensitive to the color green, attracting huge number of fishes. For most of the people, for whom fishing is a hobby, can prepare green fishing lights at home with a very little effort. Below are the guidelines for building a green fishing light.

Materials Required:

  • Fishing lights or water proof lanterns
  • Green lens cover or green plastic films
  • Rubber band
  • Hot glue

Procedure for Building a Green Fishing Light:
Firstly, take a underwater light or a fishing light or any water proof lanterns. Now cover the clear bulb of those lights or lanterns by a green lens cover or a plastic film. Then immediately put the rubber band around the cover in order to hold the lens cover against the bulb tightly. If you want it to stay permanently, then use a waterproof glue to make the green cover remain attached to the bulb permanently. Let the glue dry thoroughly. In order to test whether the bulb is working or not, connect it to the battery and immerse it in a sink of water. Check for the intensity of green light. If the intensity is no sufficient, an extra green lens cover or plastic film can be added following the above procedure.

In this way, a green fishing light can be constructed with little effort. These green fishing lights help in creating a good fishing experience, as they are found very productive.

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