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Common Coverage of Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial General liability insurance policy is necessary to have the business, where the customers come or visit that business premises. Because there is chance that any claim may be made by the customer, if he or she is injured because of such business premises. There is an information about common coverage of this insurance policy, you can go through it.

Bodily injury: This policy compensates the person who is injured or gets sick or contacts a disease on the premises of business, with the costs of the loss of services, medical care and may even provide compensation for death as well. This policy is not provided to the workers.

Property damage: If there any damage to the property of the third party, caused by the business or business owner negligence, those damage or repair or replace of the property are covered by this policy.

Fire damage: If the fire causes damage to your office and your neighbour’s office as well, then commercial general liability insurance would provide the compensation for your neighbor and you for fire damages.

Tenant’s liability: Your business is protected by this policy from claims of fire damage or other specified losses to your rented business space, if your negligence causes those losses or damage.

Premises liability: Liabilities, which are caused from business operations on the premises of the business are covered by commercial general liability insurance policy. If a customer get injured because of such business premises, then medical expenses are covered by this insurance policy.

However, coverage of an insurance policy depends upon the insurance company and particular state or country.

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