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How are Barcodes Applicable in Schools?

Barcodes are applicable in various industries. They are also applicable in schools. Mostly the application of barcodes in schools is found to be in libraries. Apart from libraries, barcodes can be used for many other areas. Time saving, increased accuracy, and reduction in loss of books and assets are some of the benefits of using barcode technology in schools.

Barcodes can be used for in schools for some of these applications which are listed below.

  • Library circulation
  • Tracking of text books
  • Student attendance
  • Fixed Asset tracking

Library Circulation:
Tracking of library materials is the most common barcode application in schools. The barcode labels on the books are printed by barcode printer. Many printers such as Zebra printers, WASP printers can be used. Symbol barcode is used by many educational institutions these days. A cost-effective solution for checking the book inventory physically is the use of battery-powered barcode scanners.

Tracking of text books:

Barcode-labelled student I.D. cards and barcode-labelled textbooks of students can be tracked easily by application of barcode technology.

Student Attendance:
Tracking the attendance of students is very much laborious. Application of barcode technology in checking and tracking the attendance can save a lot of time.

Fixed Asset Tracking:
Barcode technology can be used for tracking assets such as desks, computers, laboratory equipment and others. The date of purchase, serial number, type of product, and others details of assets can be tracked by maintaining the asset records using barcode technology.

Apart from these applications, barcodes can be used for several other purposes that can save time and energy.

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