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Marijuana Drug Testing At Workplace

Conducting drug test has become common in the workplaces in order to find out the drug abused employees. Drug abuse of employees can have negative impact on the environment and productivity of the workplace.

Marijuana is one of the most commonly abused drugs. Marijuana drug testing at workplace can find out the employees’ drug abuse. If there is any positive result of the employee drug test, then it is up to the company to take the decision. Company can fire the employee or suspend the employee from company. Sometimes some companies can conduct the drug test for second time in order to give a second chance to the employee to prove that he or she is free from drug use.

Generally, work of the employee surely suffers if the worker is on high using marijuana. It is impossible to go with drug use and work together as it is necessary for employee to put the mental and physical effort at work. But this is prevented in case of drug abuse. Some prescription drug can cause the employee extreme drowsiness. This may not be allowed by the employer at workplace.

Most of the companies conduct random drug test, which is the best way for businesses in order to keep their companies free from drugs. Marijuana can be found out in marijuana drug test from seven to thirty days after taking marijuana.

So it is necessary for organizations to conduct the drug tests, to create drug-free workplaces.

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