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Different Control Options for Wholesale Businesses

Wholesalers need to deal with thousands of the products selling and purchasing in a year. Many products are shipped in bulk amount. In order to maintain the profit, inventory control is important thing for processing wholesale products quickly and appropriately. There are different options to improve the speed for wholesale merchandise.

Manual system: Manual inventory system which is old fashion is used by some of the small businesses. If you have a wholesale business which is large and you have a smaller quantity of products in your hand, then this system is helpful. Inventory is based on hand counts and packing sheets. Information is entered into the computer database manually. It takes lot of time and there can be chance of errors and tracking errors can be difficult in this system.

Barcode systems: This is the cheapest and best system for inventory control, that is why it is used by many small and large businesses. One needs to use barcodes, barcode labels and barcode scanner like symbol scanners to use barcode technology. Barcodes are read by barcode readers. Symbol barcode scanner is one of the examples for barcode readers. There are different types of scanners and printers available.

RFID system: In order to encode the information about the items, this radio frequency identification systems use integrated circuitry on tags.

These are the different control options for whole businesses to use. The options are chosen based on convenience and operation feasibility. However, barcode system is very cheap and efficient among them.

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