Differences Between Certified Preowned Cars and Used Cars

Buying cars can be done by choosing whether to buy a used car or the new car. Even there are different methods for buying a car. The different types of methods are traditional buying and the online buying.

The used cars are again divided into two types. They are certified preowned cars and the non certified preowned cars, the general used cars. Each car has its own pros and cons.

Certified Preowned cars:

  • It is a comfortable and customer will have peace of mind.
  • These cars are certified by the manufacturers for ensuring that the car is meeting the requirements of the manufacturer.
  • These cars after getting overlooked by the mechanic will come out with a clean and nice shape.
  • These cars also provide some services like roadside assistance, oil changes.
  • Financing services are provided for buying the certified preowned car.
  • Extended warranty coverage will be provided. Extra mileage is also provided for the certified preowned cars.
  • Cost of the CPO is more when compared with the used car.
  • Prices negotiation will be less when compared with the used car.
  • Repair costs are less when compared to the used cars.
  • In case of any issues regarding the vehicles one can meet the dealer regarding the issues.

Used Cars:

  • It is risky, as there is no certification.
  • In general, the used cars do not have any certifications given by any manufacturer.
  • Although the cars may look good exteriorly, there are many internal risks which you can’t find out easily.
  • No extra services are provided for the used cars.
  • No extended warranty coverage is provided.
  • Although the savings will be more as the cost is less, the repair costs are more as they are not overlooked by the specific mechanic.
  • Price negotiations will be more. One can negotiate for their affordable price.
  • As the purchase is done from a third party or private party the issues may not be covered by him.

These are the different types of used cars and their comparison. Although the cost of the CPO cars is expensive than used cars, because of the benefits one will opt for the CPO cars itself.

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