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Why Young people get Attracted to Marijuana Drug or Other drugs

People may believe that teenagers are not using marijuana and they will not use but it may not be correct. According to national survey among students, approximately one in five of students of 10th grade are current Marijuana users, and one in four of students of high schools seniors are current Marijuana users. These many young people are using Marijuana drug without knowing about their harmful effects on health.

Generally, young people think about having fun and excitement. An unfortunate thing is that young people are using these drugs for excitement and fun and for adventure. But, they do not think about harmful effects of drugs. Generally, young people get attracted to excited things. Young people are attracted to drugs because they give more excitement when compared with other alternatives.

Not only this, there may be various other reasons that young people getting attracted to Marijuana. Sometimes, young people may be forced to use Marijuana or other drugs by their friends, brothers or sisters. If anyone in the family uses drugs then chances of using drug are high by young people in that family. Some young people may think that it’s cool to use Marijuana because they hear songs and see on TV and movies about it. Some young people may want to use Marijuana and other drugs to escape from some problems at home, at school, or with friends.

You have to remember one thing that you should not use Marijuana just because of others are using it. If you want to use it for fun or excitement you can search for alternatives but you have no need to try drugs. If you have any problems then you can speak with your family members or friends and take their advice.

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