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Tips While Wearing Jewelry for Women

Always to make oneself adorn apart from the cosmetics, jewelry is much more important thing. Both men and women are following the current trends. They are even used for enhancing your beauty. jewelry not only enhances your beauty but it adds extra beauty to you.

Using the jewelry shows one’s personal taste. So, in order to choose the best fashionable jewelry, these are some of tips which are used for jeweling up.

The main contribution of adding beauty can be done by using the fashion jewelry. Some things are to be kept in mind before selecting the best jewelry which look perfect on you.

All the factors like color, size, length and the cost are to be considered before buying the best jewelry. The main thing which has to be kept in mind will be to choose according to the personality.

The jewelry should be worn by considering the factors of age, height and even personality.

  • Earrings: If you have a swan type neck then wear long earrings. Choose long earrings for a round face or oval face structure because they add the length to your face. Choose according to the hair style.
  • Rings: Slim diamond rings can be worn for the ring finger. Don’t wear two or more rings on the same finger. Go for small exotic rings, as the fingers of the women will be small when compared to men.
  • Bracelets: They are worn only on the right hand .Choose simple ones without any gems at the center and don’t tighten it.
  • Necklace and Pendants: If the dresses are high necked then go for the necklaces and the pendants.
  • For using the combination: Match accordingly the bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings as the combination will also reflect one’s look. It is not exactly necessary to match everything. Even if it matches for at least one thread also it will look beautiful.
  • Wear according to the situation: Too fancy and funky items should not be worn to office as they look indecent in the formal attire. Go for simple jewelry while going to the office. Even the colorful and the brightened earrings and rings are useful for the party wears.

These are some of the tips for making oneself jeweled up.

Updated: March 29, 2013 — 3:03 am
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