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Comparison between Saliva, Urine, Hair Drug Testing Methods

There are different types of methods which are used for detecting the presence of the drug in the body. Each and every drug test has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us see the differences between the urine, hair and saliva drug test.

  • Sample: The major difference is the sample or the specimen which is used for drug testing.
  • Collection of the sample: Saliva test sample collection is simple and easy. The collection of the sample of hair is also easy. But one needs a separate room for collecting the sample of urine.
  • Cost of the test: The Urine test cost is less when compared to hair and saliva drug testing. And saliva test cost is less than the hair drug test.
  • Detection time period: The hair test is more advantageous when compared to the other two. Hair test can be used for detecting drug up to 3 months after usage. Whereas, the saliva can detect for a less period i.e., about 20 hrs to 2 or 3 days. The Urine test can detect up to 1 week or so depending on the drug.
  • Accuracy: Hair drug testing is more accurate when compared to saliva and urine tests.
  • Chances of Adulteration: Chances of adulteration in saliva drug testing is difficult than in hair and blood when compared to urine.
  • Number of drugs: The Urine test can detect 10 different drugs and Saliva test can determine 8 different drugs. Hair drug test can determine 6 different drugs.

These are some of the differences which are found. For getting the most accurate result the hair testing is used. If it is random testing and if you want to use the less expensive method then urine drug testing is used.

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