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Mosaic Tile Guide and Tips to Decorate Floor of Your Home

Using mosaic tiles in your home is one of the ways to decorate your home. These are available in many styles and colors and materials. You can choose anything based on your taste, and wish. Mosaic is old one and great variety of designs and patterns are displayed by the mosaic surfaces.

This mosaic tile can be in any shape or material and it is in smaller in size about 2 inches. It can be made of stone, glass, porcelain metal or ceramic and they are available in different colors, shapes and styles. If they are small tiles, it is difficult to install, these come placed on a sheet.

These mosaic floor tiles popularity increased during the Victorian era. This is good for bathrooms. Still people are using basketweaves, hexagons and octagon and dot patterns in many bathrooms.

Mosaic tiles- modern patterns:

  • These are more popular than before.
  • One of the modern mosaic tiles is penny tiles or circle tiles. These are new twist on old design. A fanciful look can be added by small and thin circular tiles in glass, ceramic or stone to bathroom floor. You can use rainbow colors and fun designs for kids bathrooms.
  • Another type of mosaic tiles are starbursts, these are hand made tiles. The popular one among today’s mosaic tile pattern are Oregon.
  • Another one is fans and fish scales, these tiles contains small or tiny mosaic tiles. They are 5/8 inch in size. There are different colors like blue celeste or honey onyx.
  • Another modern type of mosaic tiles are river stones. These are perfect for your bathroom to get a Zen garden feel. You can feel gently rounded tiles while walking on it.

These are modern types of mosaic tiles, these are popular now a days. You can choose them to give modern look to your home.

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