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Impact of marijuana abuse on infants

Marijuana is one type of drug and THC its ingredient, a very dangerous chemical to say. It causes several adverse effects on human body. Effect of marijuana on user depends on the quantity of THC and it’s strength or potency. The average amount of the THC in test samples measures the strength of the drug.

THC is passed to the baby from mother through breast feeding, if mother uses the marijuana after delivery of the baby. The compound in marijuana dissolves into mother’s blood and results in THC in mother’s milk. If mother intakes marijuana at the first month of breast feeding, it may impact infant’s muscle movement control; and it was proved by a survey. You may need the test to whether the THC is transmitted in to breast milk or not because it has impair effects on development of infant.

Infant’s health is dependent on mother; so mother should take care of the her health and her child’s health. Her drug use habits definitely effect the her child’s health. When she conceives from then she should stop using drugs and alcohol to protect her baby’s health and to protect her child from death. This drug habit will spoil child’s health as well as mother’s health. Sometimes this habit may lead to abortion. If she finds it difficult to quit drug abuse, she should assist some treatment program to avoid this drug habit.

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