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Know About Saliva-Drug Test for THC

THC is the one of the main chemicals in Marijuana and it is an illegal drug in United States. Cannabis is the scientific name of Marijuana. As per a study of the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), marijuana was used by nearly 2.2 million individuals of age 12 or older for the first time with in the past 12 months in 2008.

One primary psychoactive substance is THC in cannabis. Drug test can detect the THC in body after long time of consumption, because it remains in the fatty tissues of the body, urine and blood. There are some common tests which are used to conduct drug test, such as: Urine test, Hair testing, blood testing, saliva-Drug testing.

Saliva Drug test is the most popular one among them. It has a special testing tool for THC. This saliva-Drug test equipment is similar to a tooth brush, but instead of bristles, it has a small pad on the end. You can keep this pad between cheek and the gum. You have to hold the pad there for at least two minutes. Due to this, the pad to soaks up saliva. Then, the pads are kept sample vial and it is sent to a testing lab or it can be processed with a testing kit.

The results are sent to medical technologists. When a professional saliva-Drug test is done for more than one drug substance, then saliva sample is examined by them and it is tested for the presence of various illegal drug substances and as well as THC.

These kits are being used by many organizations and even house holdings to conduct the THC drug test. Instant results can be obtained by using these kits.

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