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How to Prevent Yeast Infections

Yeast Infections are caused due to the fungi called Candida. This candida will infect different body parts like mouth, skin, nail beds etc. Because of the yeast infections, the person feels inflammation, itching and burning . This will be quiet uncomfortable for him/her to bear the yeast infections.

Apart from getting treated after getting the infection, it is better to prevent the yeast infection. Some of the preventive measures for getting rid of yeast infections are as follows:

  • Vitamin C helps in improving the immunity. So, make sure that your diet consists of oranges, grape fruits, mangoes, papayas, spinach, cabbage and potatoes for getting Vitamin C.
  • To prevent balanitis and vaginal candiasis , use cotton undergarments for preventing the yeast infection. As the yeast infections will be caused because of the moist and warm environment. Coolness and dryness can be felt by using the cotton garments when compared with the other garments.
  • After once you complete your swim, remove the wet swim suit which causes yeast infections and wear dry cotton fabrics, as this will help in preventing yeast infections. If the body is wet then there are many chances of getting infected with yeast.
  • Do not use powders which are chemically made, at the warm and moist places. They also promote yeast colonization.
  • Don’t eat too much of sweets which will support yeast to grow faster.
  • Do not douche too often which may kill needed the beneficial bacteria.
  • Do not use the unfitted dentures, which may cause oral yeast infection.
  • Stay away from water. Use water if it is necessary for cleaning. As skin yeast infections will occur if the cleaning is done unnecessarily.
  • Avoid smoking and using beverages too often as they may cause oral yeast infections.
  • In infants, while changing the diapers leave them without diaper for a short period before dressing them with a new one.

By following the above preventive methods yeast infections can be cured. According to the saying “Prevention is Better Than Cure,” always prevent the yeast infections before getting infected with it.

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