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Tips to Cut Down on Drinking

You may be asked to maintain a drinking dairy by general physician. How much you are drinking is revealed by this and in which situations you are drinking too much is identified when you are honest and accurate. These tips may be followed to cut down the drinking.

  • Replace your common drink with another one which has less alcohol.
  • Have alcoholic drinks between alcoholics ones or Drink more slowly.
  • At lunch time or after work skip the quick drink. d. Inform to other people that you are trying to cut down the drinking, so that they can support and help you.

You should cut down the drinking under medical supervision only if you are dependent on alcohol, you can get experience regarding withdrawal symptoms like feeling sick, headaches, tremors, sweating. Sometimes more serious symptoms are seen such as paranoia, confusion, hallucinations or fits. Community alcohol team or specialist doctor, who help you , are preferred by general physician to help to cut down the drinking when treating withdrawal symptoms.

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