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Basic Requirements Of An Industrial Automation System

Modern Industrial Automation Systems are used for real time acquisition of the data, for data management, resource management, sharing the data with the use of networks. The automation system should be used for monitoring and integrating various functions like data collection, data monitoring, resource management, fault detection and even used for decision making. Basic requirements of the Industrial automation systems are:

  • It is used for conducting measurement, control tasks for ensuring proper industrial operations. By the use of uninterrupted monitoring and controlling system the database stores the required collected information. This data is used for further analysis.
  • Various signal processing techniques are used for analyzing the collected data from the channels of measurement. Effective data algorithms are included in the industrial automation software for manipulating the data by satisfying the real time constraints. By this operation real time analysis and data manipulation can be done easily and effectively.
  • It is used for increasing the software versatility by allowing a flexible configuration for various system parameters. Mainly the various principles which are used remain unchanged for different types of applications. However the details can be modified using the modified configuration database for a specific application. By combining the configuration of the database with fixed system modules required specification for the given application will be accomplished.
  • Human machine Interfaces are designed in co ordinance with the current trends and by the use of Graphical user interfaces and multi media the software quality can be improved. The operations can be done by the user more conveniently.
  • Comprehensive Alarming and reporting capability is necessary for any industry. These flexible alarming modes are used for making the technical and personnel react to the emergent needs. One of the flexible modes is by sending an email informing about an emergency need.
  • Internet enabled automation systems are used for upgrading the automation system. Various measurements and control tasks can be done by using commonly used different types of web browsers.

These are the basic requirements which are used for making an efficient Industrial automation system.

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