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All you need to know about Anesthetics

Anesthetic is a drug which causes loss of sensation. Generally it is used during the case of surgery. Many types of anesthetic drugs are being used now-a-days. In general, Anesthetics is classified into two classes: General anesthetics and Local anesthetics. General Anesthetics causes, loss of consciousness and whereas the local anesthetics causes, loss of sensation for the part of the body. In the local anesthetics without the loss in consciousness the nerve impulses are being prevented from transmission. In the case of General anesthetics, they are being inhaled as gases or being injected as injections. They are used during the surgeries for loosing the consciousness and also for relieving the pain.

Side effects of Anesthetics:
Generally if the usage of anesthetics is done without the prescription of the doctors it may cause many side affects. The anesthetic drugs cause memory loss, dizziness, confusion. If the anesthesia is taken in large levels then these are the side effects which are being undergone by the users.

  • Head ache: Severe head ache occurs during the cases of general anesthetics.
  • Vomiting and nausea are also caused.
  • It lowers the blood pressure in some cases.

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