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The Problems Associated With Language Translation

As it is not easy to get the similar meaning when translating between two entirely different languages, problems have been irritating translators for many years.

Language is a communication tool which can be used in various ways to convey either the same idea, or entirely a different idea. The problem occurs when translators will try to translate word for word. This can be unfavorable because the circumstance in which the words are used is not taken into account. For instance, in English language, the word ‘market’ can have two meanings namely the stock market, or the fish market. Just translating the word market to different language without considering the context can alter the original meaning completely.

So, the human mind is also necessary to perform a translation job properly. As the entire translation process is very time consuming, some translators takes the help of technology and make use of software.

Most translation software available in the market today cannot correctly get the exact semantic meaning of a sentence. So the software will utilize word for word replacement. The translator is more fortunate without the software. This might be another problem that can arise.

A problem might arise due to cross cultural differences. For instance, the word ‘dude’ is used as a friendly term between friends. There might be no similar term in another language. So the translator will experience a problem.

In current high tech world, the best software translation services are provided by the search engines. But, the technology is only intended to translate to a particular level where the reader can understand what the passages of text are trying to convey.

So, if you are trying to translate one language to another for publishing benefits, you have to depend on proficient human translators. This is because, until now, there is no technology available which is powerful enough to substitute the human mind’s ability to observe and understand things in context.

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