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Poor Sleep Related To Teen Drug Use

A new study done by the researchers at University of California found that sleep deprived teens are more prone to use drugs at the center of social networks at the time of their adolescence and thereby increase their burden towards it.

Poor sleeping styles and drug habits are two main reasons that may develop easily in an adolescent’s social group and one can have impact on the other. Data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health were estimated to understand how sleep deprivation and the increase of drug use within social groups are concerned. Nearly 8,349 teens in grades seven until 12 were examined for a term of eight years. Each of these members was asked to name five friends who also cooperated in the study.

The data of the study found that participants corresponding to the same huge social group and suffering from poor sleep had taken marijuana. It was also revealed that teens get affected on their sleep and drug habits by their friends and sometimes even the friends of their friends.

It is difficult to figure out which teenager would consume drugs but will quit and who will continue to make it an addiction. Practicing good habits like restricting hours of watching television and absorbing  time in front of the computer, using phone only at daytime and early evening hours and finally preferring good sleep may help.

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