How To Build Additional Storage Space At Home

Storage space is the premium demand of every home. Every small and medium size home looks for extra storage space. It is a fact that any size of home has potential storage space. It could be possible with following creative solution:

Buy double duty furniture – Buy that furniture which serves more than one purpose. Some common examples of double duty furniture are a coffee table with built-in drawers, a side table that also functions as a display case for collectibles or chests and tables with enclosed cabinets etc.

Look for empty container – In kitchen there is a chance of availability of many empty jars and containers. Recycle them for different purposes of the home. Put buttons, threads, nuts, nails, screws, washers etc should be kept in boxes.

Save space in bedroom – For bigger bedroom use bed storage boxes with wheel facility for easier access. It helps you to save space occupied by out-of-season clothes, gift-wrap, kids games etc.

Utilize full kitchen space –Pullout shelves or basket installation helps to increase storage size in kitchen. Many other changes like sturdy folding step stool, a bulletin board or magnet board and mount under-cabinet racks also help to utilize the kitchen space.

Organize bathroom space – A mesh organizer over shower curtain rings, a toilet tank magazine rack on the side of standard tanks and unused corner with a high cabinet are common suggestion to build up more storage space in home.

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