Monthly Archives: April, 2010

Rocks Used for Landscaping

Rocks can be used in several ways in landscaping. Rocks are utilized to make retaining walls, foot paths, sitting areas, define a pool area and make planters for flowers and also trees. Types of rocks used for landscaping are: Sandstone: Sandstone is strong and is available in buff (yellow-brown), brown, green, yellow, gray, blue, black […]

Types of Life Insurance

Life insurance is an insurance, which helps the insured family at the time of his/her death. Death may be happened by accident or any serious illness. For this type of insurance, insured has to pay money to insurance company as a premium periodically when he/she is alive. A. Term insurance policy: It is a risk […]

How to Shop Online More Safely

Online shopping is a real pleasure for those customers who want to buy any thing any time and anywhere. Online shopping has many advantages over the traditional shopping. With online shopping a buyer is capable to choose best deal from different stores. However, online shopping carries many risks while buying. Virus attack on computer, money […]

Where To Invest In Recession Period

Recession brings the big corporate companies and well-established banks to the road. It totally changes the economic and investment scenario of a country. Those who invested their money in market without any care suffered a lot. But those investors who were wise enough to investment made the profit from the period of recession. During recession […]

Cash Flow: Important Aspect Of Business Revenue

Cash flow is an income through sales or revenue from economic activity or any expenditure for the organization. In simpler terms cash flow is a kind of income or expenditure that affects the cash accounts. Cash flow concept is classified in to two main categories: Cash inflow – It is also known as inward cash […]

How To Build Additional Storage Space At Home

Storage space is the premium demand of every home. Every small and medium size home looks for extra storage space. It is a fact that any size of home has potential storage space. It could be possible with following creative solution: Buy double duty furniture – Buy that furniture which serves more than one purpose. […]