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Common Cars AC Problems And Its Maintenance

Air Conditioner is an essential component which takes care of the comfort of the passengers. Good  functioning of air conditioner is essential when driving in hot and humid weather.

Air or Moisture Contamination: This is the most common reason for car A/C malfunctioning. The A/C should never be contaminated with air or moisture. If it is contaminated, then it will not be able to work efficiently. This is because, air decreases the cooling efficiency of the system whereas moisture  will freeze and form ice which causes blockages in many parts of the system. So, care should be taken in order to keep A/C free from any kind of moisture regularly.


Mechanical Problem: This problem involves checking of compressor clutch which fails to work, bad pressure switches, valve breakdown, compressor wear and tear, etc. If any mechanical problems are developed in car AC, then it must be examined by a skilled technician.

Dirt in Condenser: Condenser cools the high-pressure refrigerant vapor after it quits from the compressor. If it is filled by leaves, bugs and road debris, airflow into the unit will be obstructed and causes little or no cooling. So, condenser must be cleaned regularly especially when going for long journey.

Low Refrigerant: Any air conditioner requires certain amount of refrigerant to cool perfectly. If it is low, the AC will not cool well and will not function effectively. So, care should be taken to maintain sufficient amount of refrigerant.

Blockages: The metering valve which takes refrigerant into the evaporator have more chances to get  obstructed by rust or debris. If the valve is blocked, the flow of refrigerant is reduced which may lead to loss of cooling and causes damage to systems which depend on oil moving along with the refrigerant for lubrication. So,  these types of blockages should be avoided in system.

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