Monthly Archives: March, 2010

Why do athletes use drugs?

An athlete will misuse a drug for number of reasons. These factors can be associated with the drug itself, the person or their environment. Factors related to drug are effects of the drug, flexibility of availability, legal status, and physical dependence. Factors related to person are uneasiness with performance and progress, psychological dependence, desire to […]

Common Cars AC Problems And Its Maintenance

Air Conditioner is an essential component which takes care of the comfort of the passengers. Good  functioning of air conditioner is essential when driving in hot and humid weather. Air or Moisture Contamination: This is the most common reason for car A/C malfunctioning. The A/C should never be contaminated with air or moisture. If it […]

Benefits Of Barcode Time And Attendance Systems

Barcode Time and attendance systems not only saves money by decreasing labor expenses related with maintenance of payroll but also has many benefits to employees and manager. Improve organizational efficiency and performance: Realizing how workforce utilizes time results in equal or great savings in complete labor productivity. Summary reports of elaborated job and operation data […]

Know About Factors Considered When Purchasing Jewelry

According to a study conducted by JCK Magazine, nearly 67 percent of total jewelry is a planned purchase, while 33 percent is a spontaneity purchase. For planned purchase of jewelry, consumers indicate “price” as the most vital factor which determines which type of jewelry they are likely to buy. After “price,” the following factors are […]

Responsibilities of a Personal Fitness Trainer

A personal trainer or fitness trainer is concerned with leading (guide physically), motivating, and educating people about fulfilling their fitness goals. Most of them can be found working in health clubs or gyms, while others may prefer to open their own fitness training studios. Personal training certification is necessary for many organizations in order to […]