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The History of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the third theme park built at the Walt Disney World Resort. It occupy the 135 acres (546,000 m²) in size, its theme is show business, drawing inspiration from the heyday of Hollywood in the 1930s and 1940s. It was opened on May 1, 1989 as Disney-MGM Studios. The idea which led to Disney’s Hollywood Studios began at its sister park, Epcot. A team of Imaginers led by Marty Sklar and Randy Bright had been given an assignment to create two new pavilions for the park’s Future World section. The fruits of the sessions of meeting of reflexion were the wonders of the house of the life and the large house of film turn. The second of both was to have rested between the ground house and the voyage in the house of imagination, and was to resemble a context of soundstage, with an entry of film theatre-model in the medium. Real attraction is very similar to the plans for the equivalent at Epcot, only, when the President new indicated Michael Eisner saw the plans for the house, it required that, instead of placing the turn in an already existing park it should be surrounded by a brand new theme park which extended the showbiz, Hollywood and entertainment theme.

According to Internet urban legends, while Michael Eisner was working for Paramount Pictures, he saw the early plans for the Universal Studios park in Florida (Paramount always was closely associated universal, and the so necessary financing provided by Paramount for the Universal Orlando Resort). After having moved in Disney, it took some of these ideas and employed in plans early for the future park of topic. Like narrowly open park before the universal one (as mentioned above the park and its resource had financial problems), it was seen that Universal copied Disney; or was it the other way around? Some reports indicate that, in a coincidence both Universal and Disney planned studio type theme park at the same time without knowing of the other company’s ideas in the beginning and both rushed to finish their respective parks when they heard the news.

In all likelihood, neither company was actually guilty of copying the other. The idea movie theme park had already existed in the industry for decades. In the Forties, Walt Disney toyed with the idea to open his studio to tourists. When its ideas became too large for the equipment, it started to develop plans for the original , which had similarities seizing with a film studio. While waiting, the universal studios in had already started to offer excursions of its clean backlot. After was crowned success, the universal one answered by increasing its concept to include exposures and attractions, of this fact becoming a park of topic to its own chief. In truth, the idea for a studio park evolved gradually and organically. One person cannot take full credit for it, but many can share in it.

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