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The Football Association History

Before the first meeting of the association of the football in the inn of Freemasons in large queen Street, London on 26 October 1863, none had been universally allowed rules for playing the game of football. However, a range rules was which are confessed as the rules of Cambridge considered and published by members of the University of Cambridge in 1848, and are in use for what time: these were used to form the basis of the rules of the association of football. A different range rules, the rules of Sheffield, had been in use by a number of clubs in the north of United Kingdom since were also categorized 1850s and these in the official rules of the association of football.

The founder will attend in the conference is for the first time the Barnes, the civilian post institution, the martyr, Leytonstone (later becomes tramp), N.N. (will not have name) the club (Kilburn), primitive crystal palace, Blackheath, Kensington school, Perceive legislative body (Blackheath), Surbiton and Blackheath owner school forest; charterhouse has delivered their captain, B.F. Hartshorne, but refuses to propose joins. Many these clubs now are bringing up all standing or the play rugby unites. Central to the rugby association and the modern rugby creation is Ebenezer Cobb Morley. In 1862 he was a rugby association’s founder. In 1863, when based on Captain Mortlake club, he gave the bell the life newspaper to write proposed a implementing agency caused the conference for sports that to create FA Freemason for the first time the small tavern. He is FA one and so on the secretary (1863-6) and its second president (1867-74) and drafts the deterministic method competition to play today stretches across the Earth in his family in the Barnes, the London rugby law. As the player, in 1863 he has played at the first competition. He was considered, therefore, soccer father.

The regular first revision is outlined for the modern competition was convened in a series of six conferences in the social room from October until December. In the final conference, F. M. Campbell, the first FA finance officer, with on behalf of from Blackheath, withdrew from his club to remove from FA in two rough drafts rules in the previous conference, in the one considered the race and the ball in the hand and two, the hindrance ran like this by randomly chops (kicks a match to walk), tripped and the hold. Other English rugby club followed this to take the lead, has not joined FA but in 1,871 instead to form the rugby to unite. Deadline “soccer” constructs to this fission mentioned the rugby is kicked acts according to “the association” rule.

An inaugural game using the new FA rules was initially scheduled for Battersea Park on 2 January 1864, but enthusiastic members of the FA couldn’t wait for the new year and an experimental game was played at Mortlake on 19 December 1863 between Morley’s Barnes team and their neighbours Richmond (who were not members of the FA), ending in a goalless draw. The Richmond sides were obviously unimpressed by the new rules in practice because they subsequently helped form the Rugby Football Union in 1871. The Battersea Park game was postponed for a week and the first exhibition game using FA rules was played there on Saturday 9 January 1864. The members of the opposing teams for this game were chosen by the President of the FA and the Secretary (E. C. Morley) and included many well-known footballers of the day.

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