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Dealing with Mooching Friend Is Not So Easy

Every one of us experiences a moocher as your friend or even as your relative. Moocher is one who forgets their wallet at home every time when you all go out. Maintaining both your friendship and sanity becomes difficult at some times, we can set clear boundaries in order to stop the mooching behavior.

Anticipating potential situations where mooching is key aspect for dealing with such people and address the issue with increasing degrees of altercation. Just make joke about their absent-mindedness just to make them remember it for future. If you are planning to go for dinner with such friend, before going to out just smile and poke fun like Are you sure you wallet this time?

Maintain a smiling disposition-the moocher should register that you’re on to them, although this is not always enough for them. Ask for separate checks when you order like when you order something in restaurant especially for your mooching friend, he may think that’s poor protocol then say I want to write this as a business expense.

Sometimes if they are really in a pinch, you can help but if creates that he is in a pinch situation make sure you know about his private money issues. If your friends are planning for a day out decide in advance who will bring what. Make a list of tasks whenever any one pays his obligation, place it in front of him and noticeable for everyone, this can help moocher to never cross anything off.

Updated: February 9, 2010 — 7:00 am
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