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Know Your Perfume Before You Buy it

The word perfume is Latin word which means through smoke. First Perfume making began in ancient Egypt after it was improved by Romans and the Arabs. The modern perfume was made in 1370 in Hungary it was known as Hungary water, by blending scented oils in an alcoholic solution. From the 16th century Italy was developed it. The designer houses famous for their perfumes maintain their formulas of the fragrances a closely secured secret. But there are perfume experts who can identify the genesis and components of the scents much like wine testers. Experts were classified the scents into three categories they are the traditional scents were created in the early 1900’s; the modern scents date from 1945 and the Fragrance wheel was created in 1983. And they classified five standard fragrance categories they are Fougere family, Floral, Woody, Oriental and Fresh. The aromatic oils used in perfume making are obtained from various sources. Barks of cinnamon, sassafras and cascarilla are used. And the flowers are main source in perfume industry. Odors from fresh fruits like cherries, strawberries and apples cannot be extracted well and synthetic substances are used. The exceptions are vanilla, juniper and oranges, grapefruit and limes. Among leaves and twigs, lavender, patchouli, rosemary, violets, sage and citrus leaves are used. Organic synthetics are produced from petroleum and pine resins for scents which cannot be obtained from nature. There are really hundreds of ingredients that are contained in perfume oils.

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