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Technology in libraries

In high tech world the technology in libraries has play the significant impact on the changing roles of librarians. Because the new technology gives the accessibility of information easily and librarians are adapting to the evolving needs of users that emerge from the adoption of these new technologies. Because of this technology now we see the online public access catalogs instead of traditional card catalogs. Librarians had to develop software and the MARC standards for cataloguing records electronically and they teach the public how to use the new technologies and move to more virtual working environments. Using the technology many librarians provide virtual reference services (via web-based chat, instant messaging, text messaging, and e-mail), work in digitalization initiatives for works in the public domain, teach technology classes to their users, and work on the development of information architectures for improving access and search functionality. In 2004 a group of researchers in Spain developed the UJI Online Robot. This robot is able to navigate the library, look for the specified book and upon its discovery, carefully take it from the shelf and deliver it to the user. Because of the robot’s extremely limited function, its introduction into libraries poses little risk of the employment of librarians, whose duties are not defined by menial tasks such as the retrieval of books.

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