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My Budget Plan for a Trip

I love traveling!

As I get time and my budget supports me, it is for sure that I plan for a travel either alone or with family or a group. I will be very practical when I set the budget for a tour. I maintain my travel budget before I plan for traveling. So here is the information on setting a budget for travel program.

Firstly I will make a note of all the things I can think of that will cost me money on traveling. That may be air flights, car hire/fuel allowance, travel passes, sight-seeing tours, accommodation, food, insurance, immunizations, and souvenir etc.

Next will be my estimates or expected cost for the trip may be travel costs, food allowance and budgeting on food costs. All these estimates can be done through internet quite easily. After the estimation is done on budgeting and costing for me the question arises

“Can you afford it?”

And I would say yes because that is a realistic budget for me. If not I have to rethink my destination and the type of travel experience I wanted.

Finally I always plan for an extra budget and that will have extra built in to it to cover emergencies. This setting up of budget is when I travel alone, if I plan a trip with family and in a group the schedule differs….

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