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What is the Impact of Marijuana on Teens?

Teens get influenced to use marijuana by such factors as peer pressure, bad company, family issues, health and so on. Marijuana is a dangerous drug which contains a lot of chemicals, about 400 or more which could dangerously impact health of teens. But one chemical in it, called Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, popularly known as THC is the main psychoactive ingredient which alters the mind. It causes drastic effects in teens.

THC interferes with learning and memory and disrupts the brain normal functioning which causes problems in studying, learning new things or to recall important events. The brain will be still developing in adolescent age and it really causes risk. There will be severe drop in IQ levels which is very necessary in their academics.

The use of marijuana causes increase in heart rate. The normal heart rate will be 70-80 beats per minute which may increase by 20-50 beats per minute or even more depending upon the dosage in some cases.

The use of marijuana can also cause respiratory illness and lung infections which sometimes lead to lung cancer. There may be a risk of neck, throat related cancers.

The use of marijuana daily or the long term usage may lead to addiction. The usage may lead to other drugs also as the dose will not be sufficient if taken frequently.

There are so many effects on the brain as well as body. It is difficult to know how marijuana will affect a specific person because it may vary depending upon the dosage, genetics, mixed with any other drug. It is highly dangerous and the results are unpredictable when mixed with any other drugs.

Some teenagers are encouraged by friends to smoke marijuana and gradually they will be habituated and as they do more and more, they become addicted to the drug. Very less number of teenagers say that they have no friends who smoke marijuana.

Updated: February 1, 2013 — 10:10 am
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