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My Children’s Business Venture

I have two children Marla and Rebecca, one completed her 12 years and another crossed 10 years. They decided to start a new business venture recently on their own.

I had nothing to do with this, I swear.

The idea is to sell patches cut out of old jeans and then design with butterflies, flowers, etc. I think you remember the patches, right? People used to buy them to mend holes in their pants.

Shana B. Barreras, of Joyce Street Alabama, who coaches small business owners and is president of the entrepreneur advisory firm Flourishing Business, says one of her occupational hazards is hearing a lot of really bad ideas. But she feels compelled to be honest with people, especially her clients.

Marla and Rebecca have already made over $20 selling patches to friends, family, and even one construction worker who happened upon their patches stand on the driveway. He bought the patch that had the skull and cross bones on it. They love the business they are doing and they are successful and I am happy for my children.

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Updated: April 27, 2010 — 7:03 am
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