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Is Cosmetic Surgery Good For Teens

At This time in United States, the cosmetic surgery is very popular. Not only adults but also teens also show the interest on cosmetic surgery. Such as teen girls went for breast enlargement, nose surgeries and the most popular procedures are breast reduction among boys, rhinoplasty and ear pinning. But this will cause many diseases in teens. Because the reasons for their popularity are obvious. But, before you agree to fulfill your teen’s dream of receiving by letting him or her have cosmetic surgery, it is important to talk to them and find out what their motivations are. Most of them go for surgery different reasons like when they fell the nose is too big or they simply assume that people are making fun of their looks. So you need to talk to your teen and also give, additional counseling may be necessary to address the psychological issues.

Teen cosmetic surgery causes not only are there psychological issues to address, there are age limitations too. The body is still growing throughout the teen years. Different areas grow at dissimilar rates so certain procedures have age recommendations. Breast implants are not approved for patients lesser than 18 years of age unless it is for reconstructive reasons as a result of disease or disfigurement. And also rhinoplasty is not recommended until 15 or 16 for girls and boys. Also you want ensure your teen is mature enough to handle a surgical procedure. Because some cosmetic procedures are have a wide recovery time. The swelling, bruising and pain may be too traumatic for an immature teen. Make sure you and the surgeon discuss in great detail what to expect before, during and after surgery to allow your teen to mentally prepare. Don’t forget the risks that are involved in any type of surgical procedure. There is always a chance that the body will have an unfavorable reaction to the anesthesia, general or local. Last thing try to explain their inner beauty can shine when they feel better about their outer beauty.

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Updated: April 28, 2010 — 7:12 am
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