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Finding Pet Friendly Apartments

Thousands of North Americans out there already have a dog, but have trouble finding pet-friendly apartments in philadelphia, forcing some to make the heart-breaking decision to re-home their pets. Pet Friendly apartments DO exist, but as more and more dog “incidents” happen because of irresponsible owners, the number is shrinking steadily.

Possible Dog Rules and Restrictions
If you are a pet owner committed to caring responsibly for your companion animal, there are several steps you can take to find animal-friendly rental housing. If you are lucky enough to find an apartment or rental that does allow pets, some of the things you notice are the restrictions placed on pet owners:

  • All pets must be under a certain weight, leaving those of us with 100 pound lap dogs out in the cold.
  • A damage deposit of possibly $500.00 or more may be needed.
  • Your dog might need to be certified in either obedience or with a Canine Good Citizen award.
  • It may one day be our only insurance against breed paranoia.
  • Letters of recommendation from your veterinarian, or your former landlord if you had one.

Not every rental unit that is promoted as “pet-friendly” will have these restrictions, and likewise, some may have even stricter requirements. Ask around. If somebody you know is renting and has a pet, ask about their unit. Ask at your veterinarian’s office, and most definitely the local animal shelter (Humane Society, Animal Control offices, etc). Often these places will have a list of available units that will pets.

Finding a pet friendly apartment can be tough because some landlords have restrictive apartment pet policies. There are many online resources for pet-friendly apartments. You and Spot can visit, sniff around and for your apartment search minneapolis, that suits your best life style.

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