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Smoking Became a Preventable Cause of Diseases Worldwide

I have few folks who were the students of ‘Oregon Research Institute’ participated in Smoking Prevention Program few years back. In their research, they found the effect of smoking on ones health and diseases are age-related eye disorder, deeper wrinkles on skin as they age and women have greater risks of infertility, bad skin, bad breath, slower healing, bad smelling. I got sucked when I heard about the diseases that are caused due to smoking. Let me explain you clearly about the major effects.

  • Effect on Heart: Lowers cholesterol and increases the risk for developing blood clots. In women, smoking increases risk for cardiovascular disease because it affects hormones that cause estrogen deficiency.
  • Cancer: Almost 85% cases of lung cancer in US are due to smoking. Tar from cigarettes causes specific DNA damage to the lungs, making it particularly difficult for cells to repair. Smoking and smokeless tobacco (chew) account for over 60 percent of cancers of the throat, mouth and esophagus. Smokers have higher rates of leukemia, and cancers of the stomach, bladder, kidney and pancreas. About 30 percent of cervical cancers have been attributed to smoking.
  • Bones and joints: Smoking impairs formation of new bone. Women who smoke are at an exceptionally high risk for developing osteoporosis, and women smokers have a slightly increased chance of developing rheumatoid arthritis. Smokers are also more disposed to developing degenerative disorders and injuries in the spine.

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